Not a broker?
Not a problem.

Thank you for your interest in BeyondHQ!

We are deeply committed to data-driven decision-making, and the belief that geographically distributed offices and teams are the new default in the world of work. We aim to answer one simple but powerful question for fast-growth companies: what are the right next markets for expanding our workforce?

Currently, we are focused on helping commercial real estate brokers answer this question. We are equipping them with the right data and insights to drive location decisions for their rapidly scaling clients. Our product development efforts in the near future will be on this user segment.

However, we already have good insights into how our products can help other user segments (i.e. not brokers). If you are in this group, we’d love to hear from you! We welcome you to sign up and use the product, and share any feedback through our chat. While we cannot promise immediate attention and incorporation, we promise that we will read everything you send us, and act on it as best as we can while staying true to our initial focus.

Over time, we expect to rollout BeyondHQ for anyone that wants to understand various markets and build a distributed enterprise.

Warm regards,
Your friends at BeyondHQ