Welcome to the latest video in our Product Feature of the Month series. This month’s feature was created during development of our newly released Insight Lite product, but shows up in both Insights products. The feature additions involve key updates to the Comparison Report, which I will walk you through in our video.

A reminder that with Insights Lite, you can conduct a data-driven and informed talent and real estate analysis by generating a single customizable report to optimize your company’s efforts to build and grow distributed teams. Because there is no subscription required, you can make reports as you need without a long-term commitment. For instance, want to know headcount projections and office space that you may need over the next few years? Or, want to delve into market details on diversity breakdown, talent, and real estate metrics? With our new Comparison Report, you can now conduct scenario analysis and planning on a one-off basis, so that you can better understand where to recruit and what physical office space you may need.

Want to learn more? Watch this month’s video.

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