New Diversity Report Unveils How Population Segments are Reflected in the Tech Industry Across the U.S.

With the rise of social movements and demands for companies to confront discrimination, diversity in the workforce is now a business imperative. To help company leadership achieve their diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) goals, today we are releasing  an in-depth report, Best Cities for Diversity in the Tech Workforce. A culmination of several months of research, this report provides valuable data and insights into how the top tech markets perform in representing different segments of the workforce within different segments of the working population.

Without doubt, we are starting to see a purposeful shift in corporate hiring practices to meet greater diversity goals. However, many companies lack the right data to pinpoint which markets have the most diverse talent pools. BeyondHQ’s new research helps to fill this gap, providing HR leaders with the data insights they need to build a more diverse team of tech workers. For instance, a few of the many key findings and statistics revealed in our report include:

  • Although it varies across different metros, overall in the tech workforce, white workers are quite fairly represented, Asian workers are highly overrepresented in the top 36 cities, and Black and Hispanic workers and women are vastly underrepresented across all metros.
  • At 21.40% of the tech workforce, Silicon Valley and the Salt Lake City region are tied for the lowest female participation rate in the tech industry. When Sacramento tops the list at 29.40%, we know the problem is dire.
  • New York, ostensibly a city with the most diverse population in the United States, over-represents white workers by nearly 50%.

As companies increasingly make diversity and inclusion a strategic business initiative, the BeyondHQ platform enables HR, Real Estate, and Finance teams to evaluate where, why, and how to source talent or open offices. Using a single interface to access trusted market data, our proprietary technology informs ‘what-if’ style scenario planning with customized recommendations based on the organization’s specific needs, priorities, and culture.

Interested in learning which regions to consider for expansion in order to design an organization with meaningful diversity? Download Best Cities for Diversity in the Tech Workforce.