The AppOmni team had not opened an office of their own before. With a new round of funding, they were experiencing fast growth and needed an expert’s help to get a space to serve as their new home.

AppOmni conference room

AppOmni’s conference room is in a historic San Francisco bell tower.


AppOmni, a fast-growing 20-person SaaS security and management startup, needed to move into their first San Francisco-based office in record time and on a rigorous budget. They had just closed their Series A and were going to start hiring fast. In the competitive space of digital security, it was crucial for the team to focus on their individual work and minimize unnecessary distraction.

They came to us having signed a 2-year lease for a space they had selected with their broker. Their lease terms required them to start paying rent upon signing, so it was essential to get them moved in as soon as possible. Together, we began the project at the end of July and launched their new office at the end of October.

“I’ve never built out an office before, so wasn’t sure what to expect. BeyondHQ handled everything. Having Devorah work with the vendors and the landlord so I didn’t have to — that was incredibly valuable.” Tim Bach, Lead Engineer at AppOmni

Ancillary furniture

Ancillary furniture provides space to lounge, have quick meetings or work away from the desk.


AppOmni needed a space to attract and retain great talent. Yet, it was crucial to get them moved in on a budget that was reasonable for the stage that the company was in and given the space would be short term. It’s easy for companies to budget too little, sacrificing employee experience, or to spend too much, especially when making quick decisions operating on a short timeline.

In order to meet AppOmni’s budget, we went through a rigorous process to vet vendors and determine the most essential needs for the new office. We collaborated with the Lead Engineer, who knew the team’s culture, to determine what the must-have items were to make the office feel like home. By value engineering the space, we were able to include the most necessary, high-value items to maximize AppOmni’s budget.

Leading up to the office launch, Property Management for the new building transitioned to a new company, who needed time to learn the space and building operations. This would have provided many time-consuming hurdles for AppOmni, who themselves weren’t familiar with the office launch process, but BeyondHQ was able to work through the learning curve with management so AppOmni could focus on their daily responsibilities.

kitchen essentials

Investing in kitchen essentials pays dividends to keep employees happy.


AppOmni now has a great space where they can grow for the next two years. The office has been wired, fitted out and personalized for functionality, comfort and brand identity. Most importantly, the team has a space of their own, which was delivered on-time and on-budget, so they can continue making AppOmni the go-to security solution for their users.

“Having everything ready to go on day 1… Having everything set up like home — the furniture, equipment, signage… Everything that we got from BeyondHQ and Dev was so amazingly helpful.” Tim Bach, Lead Engineer at AppOmni


Desks overlook downtown San Francisco.