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Welcome to our Product Feature of the Month series, where I showcase a feature or aspect of our product that can support you in building and scaling distributed teams. In this month’s video, I’ll run you through the BeyondHQ Market Comparison Report and the Share feature.

When looking to geographically expand your team, it’s critical to have access to real-time insights on the availability of talent by occupation and skills. Our Market Comparison Report gives you comprehensive data and analysis, comparing talent across markets. We also provide multiple cost charts, allowing you to compare total talent and real estate costs, cost savings, salary figures, and more. Our proprietary BHQ Talent and Cost scoring gives you easy-to-digest scores out of 100 and market rankings. What’s more is that you can share your report with anyone, even those who aren’t BeyondHQ users. It’s fast and easy — simply click on the Share button and send it off!

Want to learn more? Watch this month’s video:

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