Our journey to power #hybridwork continues


beyondhq co founders

BeyondHQ Co-Founders (left to right) Allie, Madhu, and Jeff celebrate the Seed Funding round! (the sun was very bright that day)


After an incredible two years of working together, Madhu Chamarty, Allie Meng, and Jeff Goldman have decided to more publicly share their partnership as Co-Founders of BeyondHQ.

With a number of large enterprises and startups as customers, we continue to embrace market demand and develop our integrated data and analytics platform that empowers geographically distributed companies to evaluate the most strategic markets to house and optimize their talent and real estate.

Seed Funding

Now, for an exciting new development, we raised a new round of financing to help fuel our trajectory forward. Elizabeth Weil from Scribble.vc was among the first to see the promise in our next chapter. We remain grateful for her support, which led to so many other incredible funds and angels to come on board.

In addition to Scribble, we are psyched to have Correlation Ventures, Triphammer Ventures, Oceans, J-Ventures, Lorimer Ventures, 2.12 Angels, another large fund that requested confidentiality (we are excited about them!) and continued participation from Costanoa Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, and Nine Four Ventures.

We’d be remiss to not mention participation and support from incredible operator-investors like Ross Fubini, Russ Fradin, Michael Rolnick, Ann Bordetsky, Josh Stech, Roham Gharegozlou, Jonathan Wasserstrum, Elizabeth Scott & Nick Haase.

We believe that the continued rise of remote work, multiple fertile ecosystems of talent, and a redefined approach to corporate real estate, all over the next few years will lead to a rapid evolution of the HR and Real Estate tech stack across the enterprise. With our goal to become the company-wide recommendation engine for where, why, when, and how to scale workforce and real estate, we aim to drive a core part of this evolution.

If you are a company planning hybrid work models and/or remote teams, please reach out and we’d love to assist. If you are interested in joining our growing team, drop us a note at hello@beyondhq.co